The Psychotherapy We Do Has Many Different Outcomes.

We can help heal an individual’s pain. We can help families learn to communicate better so they can solve their problems. We can help couples grow closer and warmer, becoming better partners. We can help parents build bridges to their troubled children.

So, instead of putting up with painful relationships, you can learn how to enrich them. Instead of wishing you could be different, you can change. When therapy is working the possibilities for growth are endless.

But how does all this happen? So many professionals are practicing so many different types of therapy. It all seems so vague. What exactly is the process of psychotherapy? If you’re confused, it’s because the field is confusing.

We view therapy as a partnership, in which we and the family or individual join and set common goals. We set for ourselves the responsibility to share our knowledge- to alleviate the painful symptoms, reduce unhealthy conflict and stress, and facilitate the development of new coping skills. When it is possible, we work with the family as a whole to help the family restore it’s own healing capacity.